Jamie Rose Young

My personal yoga journey and path started in 2004, falling in love and feeling more connected, more grounded, not only from within, but having that extend out to all those around…I knew right away that I had found something that I would love, live, and breathe. My asana practice started with a flow practice, and became my dedicated practice through out college and young adult life. In 2009, I was introduced to Bikram Yoga, which then turned into my daily and regular practice.
I attended the certified Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Spring 2013, in Los Angeles; moving back to the Bay Area, teaching full time, with the mentorship and guidance of Michele Vennard, and Cynthia Wehr, amongst many other great and amazing teachers within the Bikram Community.
In September of 2016, I attended Yoga Tree San Francisco’s 200 hour RYS through Yoga Alliance, teacher training. Learning more in depth of the philosophy, alignment, and having the outlets to dive deeper into the practice of Yoga; Yoga in all of its aspects/limbs of a practice, whilst learning under many great teachers such as Darren Main, Brenna Geehan, Harvey Deutch, Mark Morford and Jill Abelson. I am currently working towards my 500 hour RYS through Yoga Alliance, under Yoga Tree San Francisco.
Yoga has been such a huge part of me, my life, how I live day to day, and how I interact with those around me, with our naturals elements, and how I act to my own personal self. Teaching has been a true gift; I am beyond grateful for the opportunities it creates along my life path, the community it has brought me, and having the opportunity to see the light that resides in all of us to shine brighter through their own personal practice.

Jamie Rose Young instructs the following:
  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga
  • Vinyasa is a fluid sequence of poses, where breath and body move together as one in a physically intense practice that builds heat, endurance, strength and flexibility in equal measure. Students will flow through seated and standing poses, twists, balance poses and inversions when appropriate.

    Indigo instructors are highly skilled in keeping students aligned and safe. We specialize in bringing a heart-centered, meditative focus and intention to this more vigorous style of Yoga.

    Familiarity with standard Hatha postures is highly recommended.