Rosario Sykes, Karen Ambrogi, Bill Arena, & Nicole Sykes

Rosario Sykes, Karen Ambrogi, Bill Arena, & Nicole Sykes instructs the following:
  • The Nine Sacred Munay-Ki Rites: Rite #7, The Earthkeepers Rite
  • Join us as we open our hearts and minds to the teachings and practices of the shamans of the high Andes Mountains in Peru. We're journeying into the nine sacred Munay-Ki Rites.
    The Munay Ki offer nine initiation rites from these shamans, as taught by anthropologist Alberto Villoldoto. They are a nine step process to heal wounds of the past. Through healing these wounds, we are then free to become who we truly are and better able to navigate our destiny and assist humanity to create a world of harmony.
    Each workshop will meet the 4th Saturday of every month to give a rite, as outlined below.

    New joiners welcome in any workshop! You'll start with your first rite.

    The Foundation Rites
    Rite #1 | The Healers Rite- Saturday, February 24
    Rite #2 | The Bands of Power Rite- Saturday, March 24
    Rite #3 | The Harmony Rite- Saturday, April 28
    Rite #4 | The Seers Rite- Saturday, May 26

    The Lineage Rites
    Rite #5 | The Daykeepers Rite- Saturday, June 23
    Rite #6 | The Wisdomkeepers Rite- Saturday, July 28
    Rite #7 | The Earthkeepers Rite- Saturday, August 25
    Rite #8 | The Starkeepers Rite- Saturday, September 29 (Fall Equinox Despacho on Saturday, September 22)
    Rite #9 | The Creator's Rite- Saturday, October 27

    $20 per person per workshop with advance registration; $25 day of.

    CANCELLATION POLICY: Workshops are not refundable, however, you may receive studio account credit towards another purchase when you provide at least 72 hours advance notice of cancellation.