Kathryn Remati

Kathryn Remati instructs the following:
  • Relaxation & Meditation
  • Enjoy a deeply relaxing and healing experience of guided meditation with affirmations and binaural beat music.

    Kathryn's guided meditations have a deep and lasting effect on the mind, body and spirit. Always a relaxing experience, she is a true master at leading even the most stressed among us to our center of calm. Meditating since age 16, Kathryn is a passionate meditation instructor that brings decades of experience into her classes. She is the creator of the popular Tranquil Me meditation App and Health Instructor at Kaiser Permanente. She is also a published writer. You may have read her articles about meditation in Yoga International, HuffPost, OMTimes, and MindBodyGreen, Yoganonymous, Daily Cup of Yoga and other health and lifestyle online magazines.

  • Sound Healing & Meditation

  • Experience the ancient healing power of Sound with Nada Yoga. Sound is Nada, a 2000 year old practice of going deep into consciousness through sound. In this class we will move energy within your body and through; listen to the secret sound of silence in meditation, and realize the potential of vibrations from various instruments to create ease in your being. A beautiful way to end your week.