Lakshmi Angela Norwood

Lakshmi Angela Norwood, M.Ed. is a practitioner of the yogic arts, an enquirer into spiritual meaning, and a maverick in the milieu of modern yoga. A longtime student of Mark Horner (Director, Hatha Yoga Shala East Bay) and Mukunda Stiles (Structural Yoga Therapy, Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, Yoga & Ayurveda, Tantra Yoga Secrets), Lakshmi mentors teachers and students, speaks on and writes about yoga theory and practice, and is committed to living its profound messages with great respect and love.

Lakshmi Angela Norwood instructs the following:
  • Student Practice Series - Tues/Thurs Nov/Dec
  • UPDATED SCHEDULE - Choose from the following dates:
    Tuesdays, November 27, December 11 & December 18 and/or
    Thursdays, November 29, December 13 & December 20
    Please note that there will be no classes held on December 4 or December 6.

    The Student Practice Series offers those with experience a complete, well-rounded yoga class including asana, breathing, discussion and philosophy. Offered in multi-week sessions, the series offers a unique learning environment with thorough, personalized instruction in a small group setting. Because this format requires a deeper commitment on the part of both student and teacher, material can be presented in a progressive manner, encouraging deeper learning and absorption over time.

    Students are encouraged to sign up for the full session to establish consistency and get the most out of the course. Prior students of the series and graduates of Lakshmi’s Advanced Study Course may drop in. Other students require instructor permission and are encouraged to attend one of Lakshmi’s Foundations classes beforehand.

    Cost: $80 per person for 3 sessions, $148 for 6 sessions with advance purchase. Note: When possible, please commit to one day consistently and select the package to reflect attendance on that day. Make-ups and drop-ins can be arranged or added as needed within the time frame of the series.

    Drop-ins: $29 per class, allowed for previous participants or those with instructor approval.

    Please note that this purchase is non-transferable and non-refundable. Studio account credit may be received with 72-hour advance notice of cancellation prior to the start of the series. Unused classes do not carry over to the next series.

  • Foundations of Hatha Yoga
  • As a physical practice, Hatha Yoga offers us many tools for structural correction, mental stability and connection to self. This class introduces essential principles and practices, sets the foundation for growth as a practitioner and fills in any gaps which may have been missed early on. All levels welcome. If you have significant injuries please talk with the instructor beforehand.
    Through principles, practices and a wealth of personal experience, Lakshmi strives to guide students along the challenging, joyful and mysterious journey inward, the journey that is Hatha Yoga.

  • Student Practice Series - Sundays Only Nov/Dec