R. Inez

I combine indigenous and intuitive therapies, world healing philosophies with scientific techniques. I use therapies of sound, music, and voice in concert with medicinal healing plants and bodywork.

Sound healing work has awakened my soul to another dimension of health that I had never experienced before. This began a major shift in my life work of healing. The science of sound vibration through tuning forks, singing bowls and music, and how it can physically impact the body on a cellular level is astonishing. I have always loved music, I sang gospel in College, I play guitar, native flute, various drums and ukulele, as well as sing and chant. What I did not realize was that the joy that I feel from making music was actually balancing my nervous system and elevating my emotions. So now I share this healing practice with those who want to experience the dynamic experience of sounds I create with various instruments, ancient sounds and forks, etc. personalized to an individuals soul wisdom.

My practice is one of integrated wellness using intention and visualization to restore ones propensity of wellbeing. I incorporate philosophies of various world cultures that traditionally authenticate wholeness and healing as part of their lifestyle. From a very young age I became aware of my intuitive abilities. As an adult with maturity and some guidance from the ancestors and sage mentors, I developed my inherent skills and became sanctioned to provide care and healing to all those in need.

Being Mestiza (Native American mix heritage), I sought out the knowledge of Curanderas, studying with Mayan medicine-woman, Ms. Beatrice Waight, shaman, midwife and sage in Belize. I learned the healing power of; invocation, the Rainforest plant medicine, ceremony, listening and trust. This experience was life changing and started me on my path of using this knowledge in developing my hands-on healing and heart-centered energy healing work with others.

I am inspired and blessed through great love of Creator/Source/Nature, without this, my work would be detached and void of authenticity. Because of this amazing unity there was a natural attraction to study both eastern and western herbal medicine; starting with the creation of a healing garden and designing herbal remedies available to clients,family and friends.

R. Inez is currently not instructing any classes.