Anina Hutchison

"When I was a teenager in ballet lessons I thought yoga would be great to do when I was old. I'm so glad I didn't wait! After taking my first class in the early 90's at 40ish,I fell in love with a practice that will sustain me for life.

I first completed a sixteen month teacher training followed by years of
practice and a sixteen month advanced studies program. I have been trained by devoted teachers in the principals of physical practice, sequencing, and manual adjustments. In 2013 I completed a two and a half year course focusing on yoga philosophy, linking breath with movement and living yoga
off the mat.

At 60ish, I believe yoga has a broader definition then physical postures. With sustained focus and learned breath control we can view life through a different lens, find calmness, peace and abandon unhealthy habits.

No need to place foot behind head! Simply pay attention, raise arm on
inhale, lower on exhale. Focus, pay attention. Stay with it. That's Yoga.

Want more info?
I recently retired from 28 years of bodywork. I know my anatomy! I have taught yoga since 2001. I now study Vedic chanting. I back pack in the Sierras every summer.
And I can put my foot behind my head".

Anina Hutchison instructs the following:
  • Yoga For Stiff Bodies
  • A slower, gentler class, sometimes challenging but always fun. This class is designed to prepare the body for traditional asana.